MAT 22A - Spring 2016

MAT-22A Linear Algebra (Spring 2016)

This page will provide access to important information and announcements for MAT-22A during the extended SmartSite outage. Once SmartSite will be available again, I will resume using SmartSite. You can find downloads for important files (syllabus, homework, midterm solutions) below.

Classes:MWF 2:10-3:00 PM in VEIMYR 212
Office hours:MF 3:30-4:30 PM

Unfortunately, your individual grades are not accessible since they are distributed using the Gradebook in SmartSite. Your WebWork homework scores can be found in WebWork.

Last week of instruction

During the last week of instruction, the following modified schedule applies:

Monday, May 30Memorial day, no lectures and office hours
Wednesday, June 1We will skip Section 6.5 of the book and do a summary or Q&A session instead.
 E-mail me if there is a particular topic you want me to discuss.
 I will also hold additional office hours from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Friday, June 3End of instruction is on Thursday, so no lectures.
 I will hold extra office hours from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM for all your last minute questions

Finals are on the first day of finals week, Saturday June 4.


The seventh homework set (the written homework) is due on Wednesday, May 25 at the begining of class. Please note that as previously announced, an earlier version contained a misprint in the last part of exercise 2. The corrected version can be downloaded below. I will upload the solutions to this site after the due date.

Homework 8 will be on WebWork again, and is due on Wednesday, June 1 at 5:00 PM. Answers will be available also in WebWork from 11:00 PM on that day.

Final exam and grade

The final exam will be cumulative. You can consult the schedule in the syllabus for a complete list of sections that were covered, with the added remark that Section 6.5 will not be on the exam. MATLAB code also won’t be on the exam. As mentioned, the exam will be comprehensive, but the focus will be on the material that we covered after the second midterm.

The midterms and final exam will not be curved. I will first calculate the total percentage of points scored, weighted according to the syllabus. In particular, the two lowest homework scores will be dropped. Each homework set has the same weight. Since there are 8 homework sets and two scores will be dropped, each homework set will account for 5% of your final grade. Once your final score is calculated as a percentage of the total possible score, I will convert this to letter grades. I reserve to right to curve these final scores.

Please note that due to the SmartSite outage your final grades may not be available as quickly as you are used to.